What We Do

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Your personal financial plan will help to establish financial priorities and goals, monitor net worth and investments, and understand your spending patterns
  • Your plan may address areas of your financial life which could include: family, property, investments, business interests, insurance, liabilities, income, expenses, savings, buy/sell transactions, trusts and partnerships, wills and gifting
  • Create “what if” scenarios and how different scenarios affect your financial plan such as buy/sell your home or retire five years earlier

Asset Allocation Plan, Investment Selection, and Implementation

  • We provide an appropriate asset allocation plan to properly position your portfolio based on your investment goals and risk tolerance
  • We analyze managers based on returns, risk, investment philosophies, and processes to choose appropriate managers for each asset class within your allocation
  • We execute the purchases of your portfolio on your behalf

Monitoring and Rebalancing

  • An investment management program does not end with the selection of the investment managers. You must have a means of measuring your results versus your objectives and relative benchmarks
  • We will regularly review the manager’s progress toward meeting your investment objectives
  • Your portfolio’s asset allocation may be rebalanced annually as well as gain and loss tax harvesting for tax sensitivity

Reporting and Support

  • We provide clear, concise performance reporting and monitor how that fits into your overall financial plan
  • You will receive daily access to accounts and your personalized financial plan, monthly statements, quarterly performance reporting, and annual review of investment performance, stated goals, and progress of financial plan